Nathalie Cadet-James

Founder & CEO, Luxe Fete Social
Nathalie Cadet-James

Nathalie Cadet-James is the girl who thought she’d be the next legal eagle, Ally McBeal (wardrobe included) fresh out of law school. After 8 years of practicing law at top firms and clerking for a Federal Judge, she realized it wasn’t her calling. She needed to create. She needed to be an influencer. She needed to tell stories. One day she decided it would be her last day in a firm. The next day Luxe Fête Event Planning and Design Studio was born.

Global clients seek her services to plan, design, and produce their special events. Client Donna Karan, once told Nathalie’s mother, “I am going to kidnap your daughter, she is so amazing.”

Nathalie and her team have traveled the world to produce weddings, with much of her work featured in national outlets. Luxe Fête weddings are known to be experiences. For Nathalie’s team, it’s not just about designing a floral centerpiece – it is about creating beautiful atmospheres by transforming spaces and telling one’s story.

Never one to shy away from exciting opportunities, Luxe Fête is enjoying their foray in Corporate Planning where they have produced events for Christian Dior. Other corporate clients include Gucci, Stella McCartney and Dolce and Gabbana.

Passionate about Miami’s cultural transformation, Nathalie, a Haitian American, is proud to have served in leadership capacities with the Overtown Music Project and the New World Symphony. While the Director of Friends of New World Symphony, she planned special events for over 400 young art enthusiasts and led a 40 person Executive Committee comprised of key influencers in Miami. During her tenure, Friends of NWS raised over $800,000 to benefit the cultural gem. As Chairman of the Overtown Music Project, Nathalie spearheaded a signature Miami Event, “EPIC at LIV Fontainebleau,” often viewed as one of Miami’s cherished nonprofit events.

Featured as a Real Beauty of Miami in Ocean Drive Magazine, and on the cover of Art Bodega Magazine as a “Miami Philanthropist with Reigning Style,” Nathalie loves that in her city, at any given moment, she can have a conversation in French, Creole and Spanish.

Nathalie received her Juris Doctorate from University of Miami, cum laude, and graduated from University of Florida with a B.S. in Public Relations. She is the proud wife of SEC Attorney Brian Theophilus James and mother of two girls, Johanna James, age 8 and Lucca James, age 6.

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