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The Premier Global Tech Conference In Miami

At eMerge Americas, our mission is to shape the future of tech by partnering with the entire tech and entrepreneurial ecosystem, from government to higher-ed, startups to investors, corporate enterprises to media. Through the conference + expo and beyond, we connect organizations and individuals and amplify the stories of how Miami is advancing tech and innovation on a global level. We’re attracting the best and the brightest from around the world to come to Miami to launch, build, and successfully scale their ideas. We believe Miami can serve as a gateway to the Americas and beyond and help bridge divides while fueling innovation and building out a sustainable, diverse and inclusive ecosystem.

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Who we are

Meet Our Team

At eMerge Americas, we thrive within a framework of unique talents, experiences, and perspectives. Our team is dedicated to shaping the future of tech and impacting a diverse ecosystem throughout the Americas.

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Conference + Expo

The annual tech conference + expo invites 20,000 of the brightest minds to create, collaborate, and scale their groundbreaking ideas. Together, we transform the city into a gateway to the Americas and beyond, shaping the future of tech.

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Beyond The Conference

Attend eMerge Events Year-Round

Throughout the year, eMerge Americas hosts and highlights a broad range of events. From the eMerge eMpower Series to the Startup Accelerator & Showcase, the eMerging Markets Roadshow to the Tech Basel Summit Founder & Investor Summit, eMerge Americas features transformative tech and networking opportunities for attendees and members alike.

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Startup Accelerator + Showcase

At the heart (and center) of the eMerge Conference + Expo sits our Startup Accelerator + Showcase cohort. This comprehensive program includes benefits such as personalized mentorship, strategic networking opportunities, and access to potential investors, all designed to propel the entrepreneurial journey forward. Join our vibrant community of innovators and position your startup for success in today’s competitive landscape.

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News + Reports

Discover Key Trends And Insights On All Things Tech

Unlock the pulse of innovation and stay ahead of the curve through our blog, news updates, and venture capital reports. Explore a wealth of key trends and invaluable insights, meticulously curated to empower your decision-making. From groundbreaking technologies to emerging market shifts, eMerge delivers actionable intelligence to fuel your success in today’s dynamic landscape. Explore our platform now to seize the opportunities shaping tomorrow.

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eMerge Americas is the premier technology conference shaping the future of innovation. Attracting venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and technology innovators from across the world to our vibrant shores, eMerge offers a unique tech event in one of the world’s most diverse destinations.

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