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Aurélie Hélouis


|InfinityQ Technology Inc.

At 25 and as an officer and CTO in the French Navy, Aurelie Helouis was responsible for over 130 jet aircraft maintenance technicians on a battleship. Throughout her career, she continues to demonstrate she is a committed and fearless leader who can perform under pressure, guiding others through a myriad of complex projects. Aurélie Hélouis engineering background, which laid the foundation for her understanding of complex systems and operations paired with an MBA from McGill University, honing her business skills and strategic thinking, led her to the entrepreneurial realm. Aurélie Hélouis joined Mila, the AI research center, where she immersed herself in cutting-edge technologies and innovation. However, it was her fascination with quantum mechanics that truly captured her imagination and led her to found InfinityQ Technology inc., her quantum-inspired solution provider that is dedicated to leveraging the power of quantum principles to address real-world challenges in the Transport, Logistics and Life Sciences sectors, amongst others. Aurélie Hélouis steadfast focus on entrepreneurial success, paired with empathetic and collaborative leadership skills and a unique ability to see the potential in technologies that have the ability to make the world better, greener and more sustainable keep her at the top of companies to watch.

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