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Renatto Garro



Renatto Garro is a dynamic business and technology leader known for his pioneering work in digital transformation and emerging technologies. He thrives at the intersection of innovation and business, harnessing cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, cloud computing, IoT, AI/ML, and RPA/IPA to drive growth and performance. Renatto is a seasoned strategist with a talent for envisioning and executing initiatives that boost business development and deliver impressive results. His expertise extends to project management and product marketing, making him an executive who consistently surpasses business goals. His technical prowess spans blockchain technologies like DeFi, Smart Contracts, and NFTs; AI and ML platforms like OpenAI; and cloud computing services like AWS, Azure, and GCP. Currently, Renatto is the Customer Engineering Manager for Google Cloud, leading the adoption of new cloud technologies in emerging markets working with Digital Natives and Startups. In previous roles, he's made significant progress in cloud consumption, achieving a $450M yearly target with a 12% YoY overachievement for Microsoft. As the Co-Founder of Nebulai, Renatto also guides strategic execution in the AI and blockchain space, overseeing everything from initial company vision, business development to product development. In his previous roles at Microsoft, Renatto held positions such as Azure Migrate and Modernize Lead, Senior Azure Specialist, Azure Technology Solutions Professional, and Regional Partner Technology Strategist. Throughout his tenure, he consistently exceeded targets, developed robust technical strategies, and built partner technology capacity, leading to profitable cloud practices. Outside of his professional endeavors, Renatto is fascinated by various scientific fields, including physics, quantum computing, theoretical physics, AI/ML, and automation. He also enjoys exploring philosophical topics such as morality, ethics, and metaphysics and has a deep appreciation for literature and Renaissance art. A passionate advocate for using technology to benefit society, Renatto firmly believes in the transformative power of technology to improve lives, advance social justice, and empower communities. He's dedicated to fostering talent development and social mobility, embodying his belief in creating a more equitable world.

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