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Hamad Riaz


|Mobiz IT

Hamad Riaz is a distinguished tech entrepreneur and CEO of Mobiz IT, a leading Systems Integrator firm that specializes in digital transformation and Generative AI solutions for global enterprises. Born in Pakistan, Hamad's formative years took him from the Middle East to Canada, where he pursued his education. This diverse background provided him with a unique perspective on the tech world, which he leveraged throughout his career. Before embarking on his entrepreneurial journey, Hamad honed his expertise in the core enterprise network and data center domain, working for renowned corporations such as Rogers Wireless, Research in Motion, and T-Mobile USA. In 2008, he founded Mobiz IT, initially focusing on Datacenter Consulting, quickly establishing the firm as a key player in the industry. Recognizing the shift towards cloud technologies, Mobiz IT became a value-add Systems Integrator for Microsoft in 2017, specializing in Microsoft Azure. Under Hamad's leadership, the firm led significant projects, including guiding Sanofi Aventis, a large pharmaceutical company in France, through its digital transformation and cloud migration to Microsoft Azure. In 2019, Hamad expanded the company's expertise into the AI domain by incorporating a specialized AI practice focused on Human-Computer Interaction and Pattern Recognition, led by two PhDs. This strategic move further cemented Mobiz IT's position as a leader in driving modernization and digital transformation projects globally. Today, Hamad's vision and leadership have propelled Mobiz IT into a global consultancy that partners with large enterprises. The company excels in navigating complex compliance and regulatory landscapes, stringent cybersecurity guidelines, and the challenges of modernizing IT infrastructure. Hamad Riaz's journey from a visionary tech enthusiast to a global tech leader exemplifies the power of innovation, expertise, and strategic foresight in the rapidly evolving world of technology.

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