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Jason Turner

Chairman + CEO


Jason Turner is a successful entrepreneur, digital media technology pioneer, and investor. In 2017 he founded Entanglement, Inc., a leading next-gen computing, quantum computing, and AI company inventing next-generation computing capabilities, solving previously unsolvable problems, and building applications that power disruptive products (spin-outs). Entanglement represents a new paradigm designed to realize value and impact the world through the fusion of quantum-inspired algorithms, nextgen computing, and all facets of AI. Today, Entanglement has a proven track-record of delivering trusted intelligence. Most recently, Jason was featured in a fireside chat for the Titans of AI event in NYC with Weka, Microsoft, and NVIDIA. At Entanglement, his vision drives the many innovations that Entanglement creates and spins out, specifically enterprise zero-trust cybersecurity company seQure, and a revolutionary new technology that reduces the total cost of ownership for LLMs and AI infrastructure through the launch of Hyper Intelligence. Since 2017, Jason has helped shape the U.S. national quantum narrative; he is a founding member of the Quantum Industry Coalition, founding member & inaugural Chair of the Workforce Development Subcommittee for NIST's Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C). Mr. Turner is the Chair of the Industry Advisory Board for the Center of Quantum Technologies (CQT), the first NSF funded IUCRC for quantum technologies in the U.S. In 2019, he helped co-organize the first international Quantum AI workshop in the US with Oak Ridge National Labs and Purdue University. In 2001, Jason founded Agnostic Media, Inc., the leading enterprise media asset management software company. As CEO and Chairman, he built the leading end-to-end platform to on-ramp and rapidly convert massive media files (TV and film assets) to digital streaming formats (and created the streaming technology delivery and digital rights management and billing. He designed industry-first micro high-performance computing grids that transcoded video 12x faster than anything in the market and developed the first database driven video-on-demand channel creation platform. Under his leadership, Agnostic forged partnerships with giants such as Apple (iTunes), Microsoft, Oracle, HP, HBO, Viacom/MTV, CBS, MLB, Lionsgate, Global Crossing, Savvis (CenturyLink), and others. In 2004, Jason founded Tunestile, Inc. (2004), a master digital distributor and digital rights management company handling the largest music and video libraries in the world. Tunestile’s distribution deals included iTunes, Amazon, Netflix, XBOX, and others. Jason is also credited for creating the first online pay-per-view music concert in 1998. Today, Jason enjoys advising startups and funds spanning AR/VR, quantum computing, the ad/martech technology sectors. Jason also founded TTCG, a media technology and green venture firm, served as the Chairman of CREEM (America's Only Rock 'n' Roll Magazine) and currently serves as Chairman of Ravel Vision, a leading video analytic and AI company and Everywhere Live, a live mobile video social media app. He started out as a piano prodigy and a Music Synthesis major at the Berklee College of Music.

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