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Manny Rivera

Founder + CEO


Manny Rivera is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of TripleCyber Corporation (TripleCyber), a privately held company headquartered in Tysons Corner, Virginia. TripleCyber develops cyber security software and zero trust architecture solutions and is responsible for TripleEnabling the internet. TripleEnablement protects personal identities against hackers and artificial intelligence (AI). Manny is a Cybersecurity and Software Engineering expert with an advanced Cybersecurity degree from George Washington University. Manny’s research at George Washington University allowed him to develop a Cybersecurity patent (TripleEnablement) which creates an internet security model on a TripleChain blockchain architecture. This model provides proof of ownership, identity, and authenticity, as well as chain of custody and escrow for all communication on the Internet. An Army Retired Officer, Manny is a certified acquisition professional and is a Fort Bragg certified Jump Master with over 75 jumps. Manny held various positions in Field Artillery, Military Police, Acquisition Officer, Program Manager, Test and Evaluations Officer, and Aide de Camp to the Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC) Commanding General. Manny’s current vision for TripleCyber is based on the company’s tagline: “TripleEnabling the Internet.” The TripleEnablement Vision will allow entities and endpoints on the internet to communicate within an identity ecosystem. The ecosystem allows these entities and endpoints to choose how they share identities - anonymously, verified, or secure. He calls these the Triple in the TripleCyber name.

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