Don Freese

Advisory Cybersecurity & Privacy Principal, PwC
Don Freese

Donald Freese is an Advisory Cybersecurity & Privacy Principal based out of Washington, DC. He has decades of specialized leadership and problem solving expertise in cyber operations and IT risk management. Don retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and joined PwC in 2019. During his time in the intelligence and defense community, he was active in handling national security breaches, directing response teams globally, and advising our nation’s highest officials including the National Security Council on proactive strategies and policy.

Don blends his proven executive acumen, technical abilities and communication skills to endow a tremendous asset to PwC’s cybersecurity and data protection portfolios. His range of technical security experience includes but is not limited to: state and federal regulatory cyber compliance, cyber strategy development, cyber intrusion prevention, response and investigation, data loss prevention, and aligning business and Technology strategies to organizations’ digital agendas.

Don’s decorated role as a Senior Executive in Intelligence and Cyber Operations as well as Business Operations supporting countless projects, equipped him with a unique and highly sought after proficiency in the commercial space. Specifically, Don has deep insight in managing risk across a number of sectors including financial services, manufacturing, utility, legal, health care (including pharmaceutical and device manufacturing), and aerospace and defense.

Don is a proven visionary, and ethically driven leader who is recognized as a thought leader, speaker and subject matter expert. He earned his masters degree in Security & Risk Management from Boston University and his graduate certification in Cyber Strategy from Georgetown University. He is also a senior fellow for the Center for Cyber & Homeland Security at George Washington University.

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