Alessandro Annoscia

Chief Disruption Officer, Parabolt
Alessandro Annoscia

Alessandro Annosciais theChiefDisruption Officer at Parabolt.Hehelps drive thetransformation ofinnovative ideas into disruptive and scalable businessesfor clients. Using collaborative platforms developed by Parabolt, Alessandro works with internally generatedideasas well as disruptive ideas fromLatin American entrepreneursandfromlarge corporations.Parabolt is an independent unit of gA(Grupo Assa), the global technologyleader. Usingdigital platforms and transformation services, gA empowerslarge companies in the Americas and Europe to reshape their business models and their organizationsby leveragingthe power of data, business processes and people.

A visionaryandinnovative entrepreneur, Alessandroadvocates a novel approach to disruption: build a core business around technology. The successof his perspective can be seen in his track recordforlaunching new companies into the international marketplaceand leading them to success.Throughout a careerspanning 26+ years and three continents, Alessandrohas been directly involved in the Innovation Development and introductionof new business models for significant global entitiessuch as: Groupon, SGO, DHL, Carnival, Prosienbensat.1, CHICOS, AAAand others.

A graduate of Columbia University’s Business School, he holds a BA in Computer Science from Jones College in Jacksonville, Florida.

Alessandro currently resides in Boca Raton, Florida.He is a volunteer mentor for several organizations including Founders Institute, naisA Global and Start-up Quest.

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