Spero Canton

Media and Marketing Consultant
Miami-Dade Beacon Council
Spero Canton

For the past 2 years he has worked as a contractor for the Miami-Dade Bea-con Council, writing and producing the organizations major events, author-ing its annual report and producing marketing material.

Currently, Spero provides media training and crisis communications coor-dination for non-for-profit organizations and municipalities.

At Comcast, Spero served as Communications Vice President for the com-pany’s Central Division and Public Relations Director for the Florida Re-gion; a position he held for 11 years. Spero’s experience in the media in-cludes acting as host and produce of Comcast Newsmaker that aired on CNN’s Headline News channel for 9 years. He hosted, produced and created the program that was eliminated when CNN Headline News changed its format excluding 5 minute local break before and after every hour.

Spero worked for BellSouth (now AT&T) as state Media Relations Director, where he was responsible for all external communications for the compa-ny’s legislative and regulatory affairs.

Spero was elected Mayor of Miami Shores and served on the board of direc-tors of the Miami-Dade League of Cities and on the Legislative Committee of the Florida League of Cities.

After the passage of Hurricane Wilma, Spero was presented with the Beacon Award for Best Crisis Communications in the country by the Association of Cable Communicators.

He was both a reporter and anchor for WTVJ. During this time he was awarded an Emmy for a series of reports called “On or Off the Beam” that called into question the accuracy of police radar guns. Spero was a producer and reporter at WPLG, in Miami and live field reporter for KTVI in St. Lou-is, where he also covered the Missouri State Government beat in Jefferson City.

Spero took all of his knowledge of government service and the media and encapsulated the lessons he learned in a book entitled “Tap Dancing with the Media.”

Recently, Spero was award the Silver Circle Award by the Suncoast Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for distinguished service in the television industry for more than 25 years.

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