Jim Bailey

Senior Managing Director, Accenture Mobility
Jim Bailey
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Jim Bailey is the senior managing director for Accenture Mobility, responsible for advancing Accenture’s global mobility strategy and capabilities. The Accenture Mobility agenda stretches across both traditional enterprise mobility and mobile application development and testing to emerging areas in the Internet of Things (IoT).

Jim brings a strong command of Accenture’s business, with more than 27 years’ experience across Accenture consulting, technology and operations business units.

Jim has held a variety of leadership positions within Accenture in North America and was responsible for creating value for our clients across a variety of industries including Financial Services, Communications Media & Technology and Products. Most recently, Jim was a Client Group Lead (Banking-South; Payments & Services) and a Diamond Client Account Lead for six years in Financial Services North America.

He has served some of Accenture’s largest clients across multiple industries, including communications, capital markets, banking and payments, consumer goods and retail.

Jim holds a B.A. degree in Economics from Princeton University.

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