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The eMerge Americas Global Startup Accelerator + Showcase is dedicated to connecting diverse and innovative companies with mentors, investors, and corporate enterprises in Miami, serving as a gateway to the Americas and beyond. Over the past decade, Startup Showcase alumni have gone on to raise more than $2.5B in funding! eMerge Americas is proud to be the launchpad for so many success stories and more to come!

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Testimonials From Alumni


Through eMerge Americas, I gained access to a network of industry leaders, mentors, and investors who provided invaluable guidance and support every step of the way. One of the most significant benefits of participating in eMerge Americas was the exposure it brought to Xendoo. Winning the Startup pitch competition gave us immediate credibility and opened doors to intellectual capital, collaborations, and funding opportunities that have and continue to propel our growth exponentially.

Lillian Roberts

CEO + Founder

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As a (former) student, founding TicketRev was not easy and I think back to that day at eMerge as a pivotal time in growing into the company that we are today. Our success at eMerge helped us gain traction within the Miami ecosystem, raise pre-seed capital and partner with the Miami Marlins. The exposure as a startup at eMerge Americas is significant and gets you in front of thousands of potential customers, partners and investors. By participating, you’re immersed within an incredible ecosystem.

Jason Shatsky

Co-Founder + CEO

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Simply put, eMerge America put us on the map. Startups can be trying and have a high failure rate, but after winning the startup challenge, we not only received critical financial support, but also great press from countless publications that started a snowball effect of wins. Following our win of the eMerge Americas Startup Challenge, our confidence soared, resonating not only within our team but also among our investors, media partners, and clients. Subsequently, we successfully secured millions more in funding, experienced a substantial enhancement in SEO visibility, and earned commendations from esteemed organizations such as Microsoft.

Patrick Murphy

Founder + CEO

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As the Co-Founder and Former CEO of Caribu, I can confidently say that our journey to becoming one of the world’s best apps (according to Apple!) and to eventually exiting to Mattel was significantly accelerated by the invaluable support and opportunities provided by eMerge Americas. From the very outset, the mentorship we received through the network empowered us with strategic guidance and actionable advice, propelling our growth trajectory.

Maxeme Tuchman

Co-Founder + Former CEO

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Participating in Startup Accelerator and winning eMerge Startup of the Year in 2023 has been a game-changer for us. It validated our efforts and opened doors to amazing partners, talented team members, and insightful investors. We’re thrilled about the opportunities ahead and excited to return in 2024 as a growth-stage company.

Irena Tigranyan

Co-founder & COO

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Being part of eMerge Americas played a crucial role in putting Wisecut on the map. Our participation in the pitch competition not only increased our visibility but also expanded our network, potentially catching the attention of Google for Startups. It all seemed to be a domino effect, starting from the day we decided to participate in the eMerge Americas pitch competition. I’m profoundly grateful for how eMerge Americas is shaping the future of entrepreneurship in South Florida.

Ivo Machado

a Startup Showcase alum, Founder of Wisecut

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