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2018 Winner

Visa Developer Challenge
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Calling all developers in Miami!

Join the Visa Challenge at eMerge Americas 2018


We challenge you to rethink the user experiences in the categories below to help improve consumer pain points.

1.) Enhance the payment experience for travelers.

Think of a traveler that would like to use a card for an unforgettable moment during their vacation, but when they use their card, the merchant says it was declined. This could deter further usage while abroad. Moreover, when the traveler is enjoying their shopping, what type of information could we provide to improve the experience and reduce friction?

2.) Improve the Card on File and/or recurring payments functionality.

A card on file experience consists of a consumer knowing where their card is currently enrolled for automatic payments. Sometimes, merchants don’t know when card credentials have been updated, which results in a denial of a recurrent payment. How can you improve the card on file/or recurring payment experience?

Let’s build together the future of payments and enhance the consumer experience using Visa’s APIs. Register your team today!

First Place Prize:

US $5,000

Second Place Prize:

US $2,000

Visa Challenge at eMerge Americas Kickoff

The Visa Challenge at eMerge Americas will kickoff at the Visa Miami Innovation Center on March 22, 2018 at 5pm. The challenge will be open for a month and throughout that month office hours and a webinar will be available to its participants. The office hours will take place April 6th and April 20th from 1:00pm – 3:00pm. The location of the office hours will soon be provided. The pitches will take place at eMerge Americas on April 24th, and winners will be announced the same day on the eMerge Main Stage. For support throughout the challenge please contact and

Visa Challenge at eMerge Americas Kickoff
March 22, 2018 @ 5pm
Visa Miami Innovation Center
1004 NW 65th Ave Miami Fl, 33126.

For more details please click here for the Visa Challenge at eMerge Americas Terms and Conditions

Judging Criteria

  • Utilize at least 2 Visa APIs
  • APIs must be integrated in sandbox
  • User Experience will be judged on how friendly and easy to use the solution is
  • UX / UI /front end experience is required
  • Your solution must be presented with a business plan:
    • Distribution channels
    • Marketing strategy
    • Value proposition
    • Business model

Team Member Suggestions:

All teams are welcome. Ideally, each team should have skill sets that cover:
  • Technical – API Integration
  • Business Expertise
  • User Experience and/or User Design

Available APIs

Visa Developer exposes APIs that are used by a community of developers who are coding the future of payments. Visa’s scale and expertise, provides you with what you need to build a best-in-class product.

Visa Developer offers the tools you need: guides, sample code, sandbox.


Available APIs in Sandbox:

  • Foreign Exchange Rate
  • Merchant Locator
  • Merchant Search
  • Payment Account Attribute Inquiry
  • Global ATM Locator
  • Visa Card Eligibility Service
  • Visa Merchant Offers Resource Center
  • Visa Checkout
  • Payment Account Validation
  • Preauthorized Payment Cancellation Service – an issuer is required
  • Visa Transaction Control – an issuer is required
  • Visa Travel Notification Service – an issuer is required
  • Visa Direct – an issuer and acquirer is required
  • Mobile Location Confirmation – an issuer is required
  • Visa Account Updater – an issuer and acquirer is required
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