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7:30am - 9:00am
Registration + Expo Floor Opens
9:00am - 9:15am
Welcome Remarks
9:15am - 10:00am
eMerge Opening Keynote
10:00am -10:15am
10:45am -11:15am
eMerge Unplugged

Jose Ramon Valente, Minister of Economy, Development & Tourism, Chile

Darren Ware, Senior Manager, Public Sector, Latin America, Cisco Systems

11:45am -12:15am
eMerge Unplugged

Tom Helou , SVP & General Manager, SAP Concur

Darren Ware, Senior Manager, Public Sector, Latin America, Cisco Systems

2:45pm -3:15pm
eMerge Unplugged

Ray Baker , Director, Public Library Systems, Miami-Dade County

Angel Petisco, Chief Information Officer

Darren Ware, Senior Manager, Public Sector, Latin America, Cisco Systems

4:00pm - 4:30pm
eMerge Unplugged

Imogen Heap , Award-winning Recording Artist

Darren Ware, Senior Manager, Public Sector, Latin America, Cisco Systems

Launchpad Stage
Texpert Stage
10:05am -10:35am
Cannabis Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Florida

Join a lively discussion with a panel of legal leaders from Greenspoon Marder LLP. Here, we’ll discuss the latest cannabis trends and what’s around the corner for marijuana and hemp based businesses in Florida. With an investment overview, regulatory landscape highlights, and intellectual property innovations, you’ll get a feel for the opportunities and challenges for Florida to become a leading cannabis hub.

Rebecca Bratter, Deputy Managing Partner, Greenspoon Marder +

Sander Zagzebski, Corporate & Business Partner, Greenspoon Marder +

Anton Handal, Intellectual Property & Litigation Practice Groups Partner, Greenspoon Marder +

Matthew Ginder, Senior Council, Cannabis Law Practice Group, Greenspoon Marder

Never Buy Enterprise Storage Again(10:15AM-10:45AM)

Break free from the cycle of storage purchase, upgrade, and management. Come learn how you can implement simple, secure, scalable enterprise storage services.

Howard Young, Senior Solutions Architect, Zadara Storage

10:35am -10:40am
10:40am - 11:10am
From Startups to ScaleUps: A Conversation with Endeavor Entrepreneurs

A conversation with Endeavor Entrepreneurs from LATAM, US and Europe on how they’re disrupting their industries and growing their businesses.

Noemi Valencia, Chief Learning & Inspiration Officer Knotion

Veronica Pascual, CEO ASTI

Matteo Cera, CEO Hogaru

Laura Maydon, , Director, Endeavor Miami (moderator)

Non-Technological Innovation. The real challenge behind what matters most (10:50-11:20)

In this talk, Pablo Turletti posits that technological innovation, as we know it, no longer exists. Or, at a minimum, it no longer requires micro-managing, since technology innovation widely became standard evolution and continuous disruption. Of course, companies can and must continue to make new products, services, distribution and communication channels to stay ahead in the market. According to Pablo, however, here’s what they’re missing: a coherent purpose for innovation and efficient tools for managing it.

Pablo Turtelli , Founder & CEO, ROI Marketing Institute

11:10am -11:15am
11:15am - 11:45am
Global Lessons for Building Innovation Ecosystems from the World’s Largest Technology Accelerator: NSF I-Corps and GW’s Lean Startup Collaborations in Latin America

Jim Chung, Associate Vice President for Research, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, George Washington University

FIU Session(11:25AM-11:55AM)

Robert Sackstein, M.D., Ph.D., Dean of the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, Florida International University

11:45am -11:50am
11:50am - 12:20pm
The Secrets to Funding

Join our distinguished roundtable as they discuss how all Smart City applications are dependant on proper infrastructure.

Vanessa Larco, Partner, NEA +

Katherine Boyle, Principal, General Catalyst +

Tom Wallace, Managing Partner, Florida Funders

Daniel Herrera, Director of Investments, Miami Angels (moderator)

SAP Session(12:00PM-12:30PM)

12:20pm -12:25pm
12:25pm - 12:55pm
Florida International University Session

Brian Fonseca, Director of the Jack D. Gordon Institute for Public Policy & Executive Director of Cybersecurity

Creating Cybersecurity Experts with Hyper-Realistic Simulation Training (12:35PM-1:05PM)

As cyber threats continue to evolve and increase in complexity, cybersecurity personnel must have the critical hands-on skills needed to detect, neutralize, and remediate security incidents in record time. Once an organization is under attack, any time lost can severely increase the scale of the damage. Join the Cybersecurity Center of the Americas to learn how hyper-realistic training via the state-of-the-art Cyber Range is changing the way cybersecurity experts prepare for today's threat landscape.

Jorge Ortega, Director, Cybersecurity Center of the Americas, Miami Dade College +

Antonio Delgado, Dean of Engineering, Technology & Design, Miami Dade College

12:55pm -1:00pm
1:00pm - 1:30pm

How the U is Powering Innovation in the Startup Ecosystem

Jon Vilma, ESPN Analyst, Former NFL player, Entrepreneur, & Angel Investor

Norma Kenyon, Vice Provost for Innovation, University of Miami

Brian Breslin, Director, The Launch Pad, University of Miami

Inclusion in Technology: A Fresh Conversation (Beyond the Obvious)(1:10PM-1:40PM)

Curated by the Miami Dade Beacon Council, join us for a deeper dive into inclusion in South Florida’s technology and innovation landscape.

Monica Simo Black, Partner, TheVentureCity

Brian Brakeen, Managing Partnet, Lighthouse

Nancy Dahlberg, Business & Entrepreneurship Writer, (moderator)

1:30pm -1:35pm
1:35pm - 2:05pm
Changemakers Ignite Showcase

At Miami Dade College, The Idea Center’s vision is to cultivate entrepreneurial and innovation skills in students from diverse backgrounds to meet America’s most pressing economic and social challenges. Through the use of design thinking approach, students and community members alike develop creative and problem-solving skills imperative to excel in the digital economy.

This 30-minute session will feature Lightning Talks from iC entrepreneurs, innovators and changemakers making a positive impact in their communities in South Florida. This Changemaker Ignite Showcase will demonstrate that talent is indeed universal and that innovation flourishes with equity and diversity, with the Idea Center committed to leveling the playing field.

Romi Bhatia, Executive Director, The Idea Center, Miami Dade College +

Pamela Santos, Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programs, Miami Dade College +

Gustavo Grande, Entrepreneurship Program Manager, Miami Dade College

GE Session (1:45PM-2:15PM)

2:05pm -2:50pm
Lunch Break
2:50pm - 3:20pm
Public Policy in the Age of Rapid Technological Change

The rapid evolution of artificial intelligence, internet of things, augmented reality, blockchain, quantum computing, and other emerging technologies is shifting domestic and international policy landscapes in profound ways and is outpacing governments capacity to enact policies and regulations. Public and private sectors need to find effective ways to work together and build policies that more quickly embraces technologies into the fabric societies around the globe. Policies and regulations must capitalize on the benefits of these technologies while reducing uncertainty and mitigating the wide-ranging impacts emerging technologies will have on populations—from evolving labor markets and alleviating political and socioeconomic pressures to protecting citizens’ privacies and ensuring ethical development.

Brian Fonseca, Director of the Jack D. Gordon Institute for Public Policy & Executive Director of Cybersecurity

UM Session(2:20PM-2:50PM)

3:25pm - 3:55pm
To Build Startup Ecosystems, Let’s Grow Community

The last decade has seen an unprecedented wave of global startup activity emerge in cities big and small. It’s what AOL Founder Steve Case calls the “Rise of the Rest” and what is transforming communities across the world. How these startup communities take root and find success varies, there are many paths. There is however one common thread to which startup ecosystems are the most productive. It’s not how much VC funding there is, though that’s important. It’s not how many accelerators there are in town, though that too helps. What really seems to drive success? Community. Specifically, how founders connect, support and inspire one another. To build strong startup ecosystems, we should focus on growing tight knit communities.

Raul Moas, Miami Program Director, The Knight Foundation

Promise and Peril of Digital Technology (2:55PM-3:25PM)

A focus on the advantages and disadvantages of digital technologies and networks.

Steve Livingston, Media, Public & International Affairs Professor, George Washington University +

Elvira-Maria Restrepo, Associate Professor of International Studies, George Washington University +

David Broniatowski, Engineering Management and Systems Engineering, Assisant Professor, George Washington University +

Frank Sesno, Director, Media, Public & International Affairs Professor, George Washington University

3:55pm -4:00pm
4:00pm - 4:30pm
Workforce Solutions for Miami’s New Tech Economy: Developing Talent to Meet Today’s Demand

Rick Beasley, Executive Director, CareerSource South Florida +

Andra Cornelius, Senior VP Business & Workforce Development, CareerSource Florida

Six Imperatives to Help Drive Security Risk Management Programs in 2019 (3:30PM-4:00PM)

Courtney Adante, COO and Jonathan Wackrow, Managing Director of Teneo Risk Advisory discuss key imperatives to managing the security and cyber risk landscape in 2019

Courtney Adante, COO Risk Advisory

Jonathan Wackrow, Managing Director, Risk Advisory

4:30pm -4:35pm
4:35pm - 5:05pm

Broward College

Hackett Group Session(4:05PM-4:35PM)

7:30am - 9:00am
Registration + Expo Floor Opens
9:00am - 9:15am
Welcome Remarks
9:15am - 10:00am
eMerge Opening Keynote
10:00am -10:15am
10:15am -10:45am
eMerge Unplugged

Bill McDermott, CEO, SAP

Darren Ware, Senior Manager, Public Sector, Latin America, Cisco Systems

11:45am -12:15am
eMerge Unplugged

Kathryn Finney, Founder & Managing Director, digitalundivided

Darren Ware, Senior Manager, Public Sector, Latin America, Cisco Systems

3:30 - 4:0pm

Maria Pinelli, Partner, Consumer Products & Retail Specialist, EY

Darren Ware, Senior Manager, Public Sector, Latin America, Cisco Systems

Launchpad Stage
Texpert Stage
9:00am -10:30am
Digital Realty Session (10:15AM-10:45AM)

Howard Young, Senior Solutions Architect, Zadara Storage

10:35am -10:45am
(Announcement of 25 startup finalists)
10:45am -12:10am
Top 10 Late Stage Startup Pitches
Learn How the IT Sector Can Benefit from State Level Funding: Maintain Your Company’s Competitive Edge by Upskilling your Workforce(10:50AM-11:20AM)

Andra Cornelius, Senior VP Business & Workforce Development at CareerSource Florida

12:10pm -12:20pm
12:20pm -1:50pm
Top 10 Early Stage Startup Pitches
VR/AR: The Ultimate Communications Tool or The "WHY" Behind Virtual Reality(11:20AM-11:25AM)

When multi-billion dollar industries such as entertainment and the US Military are investing in virtual and augmented reality, we start to wonder what all the buzz is about. In this session, Tyler Gates of the VR/AR Association and Managing Principal of immersive technology company, Brightline Interactive, will take a deep dive into why this emerging technology is quickly becoming one of the most meaningful technological breakthroughs of our lifetime. Join Gates as he explores why VR/AR should be considered a new medium for communication, the current state and future possibilities with the technology, and how to get involved in this exponentially growing industry.

Tyler Gates, Brightline President of the VR/AR Association, DC Chapter and Managing Principal at Brightline Interactive

1:50pm -2:00pm
2:00pm -2:40pm
Top 5 University Stage Startup Pitches
How Ready Are You? Building Digital Trust and Improving Digital Resilience(11:55AM-12:30PM)

If the lifeblood of the digital economy is data, its heart is digital trust—the level of confidence in people, processes, and technology to build a secure digital world. Companies, regulators, and consumers need fresh mechanisms to build confidence as they address emerging challenges in business, risk management, and compliance. Don Freese, a senior executive with more than 25 years’ leadership experience (most recently with the FBI), will discuss insights on improvements around people, processes and technology to advance your organization's digital trust agenda. He'll also explore how you can help each part of your organization better understand their role in achieving and maintaining overall cyber readiness and digital resilience.

Don Freese, Advisory Cybersecurity & Privacy Principal

2:40am -2:50am
2:50pm -3:50pm
Startupbootcamp Digital Health Demo Hour
Constant Tech Session(12:35-1:05pm)
NRG Session (1:10PM - 1:40PM)
Cyxtera Session (1:45PM - 2:15PM)
Fiber Mountain Session (2:20PM - 2:50PM)
Vertiv Session (2:55PM - 3:25PM)
3:50pm -4:00pm
Announcement of the Top 5 Startup Finalists
Wyncode Academy Session (3:30-4:00pm)
30 minute Session (4:05-4:35pm)
4:15pm -5:30pm
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