Victoria Roca

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Victoria Roca

Victoria Roca-Gomez, age 18, was born in Caracas, Venezuela, as were her parents. Her family moved to Miami three years ago to escape the political turmoil back home. She credits years of tennis, swimming, and dance lessons with honing her competitive edge and creative spirit, along with working with children at a local camp for reinforcing her leadership and teamwork skills. “My influences and apprenticeships made me realize that I don’t see myself as an employee, but as an employer,” she says. “Creating products for others is what drives and motivates me. For 15 years I lived in a country full of needs and few solutions on hand. And for 18 years I grew up amongst entrepreneurs. Their way of life is part of my everyday existence and has influenced my development. When I put together all the different teachings from my passions and life experiences, I can see my potential to be an entrepreneur.” Victoria is currently a student at Babson College’s Social Entrepreneurial Program.

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