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Timur Meyster

Timur Meyster is an entrepreneur, a co-founder and a podcast host at Breaking Into Startups. As a first generation immigrant from Ukraine, Timur knows first hand the struggles people encounter when starting over in a new country. For most people, a job and financial stability is a huge part of it, so he is focused on helping people from all backgrounds transition and find jobs in the technology sector.

Today, technology is not just a single industry. Every industry is being disrupted by Tech including Education, Banking, Transportation, Medicine and Smart Cities. Software companies and automation are already displacing a lot of hard working people and Timur’s life goal is to help these folks acquire new skills so they can find a fulfilling and a high paying job in Tech.

As someone who got a degree in Finance from Emory University, he quickly realized that finance alone is not going to help him build technology products. So he taught himself how to code, quit his job and bought a one-way flight to San Francisco. Shortly after deciding to learn how to program, he found a job as a software engineer at a VC backed Augmented Reality startup in the Bay Area. This experience led him and his co-founders to launch a media company called Breaking Into Startups, which is focused on helping thousands of people navigate their way into the technology eco-system.

Over the last year, Breaking Into Startups has reached over 3 million people online and social media, they have built a Facebook community that is now over twelve thousand people and their podcast has become the best resource for anyone looking to transition into tech even if they come from a non-traditional background. (ex. Teachers, Veterans, Single Parents, Investment Bankers and even those who are formerly incarcerated)

Outside of work, he is on the board of iMentor and mentors high school students in Oakland. He also does Brazilian Jiu-Juitsu, Muay Thai and has been involved in the crypto currency community since 2013.

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