Tim Kelsey

Australian Digital Health Agency
Tim  Kelsey

Tim Kelsey is chief executive of the new Australian Digital Health Agency.

Before that he was the first National Director for Patients and Information in NHS in England – a role which combined the functions of chief technology and information officer with responsibility for patient and public participation.

Tim was chair of the National Information Board at the same time and, in that capacity, led design of a new national strategy for technology in English healthcare to 2020 which has been adopted by the British government as formal policy.

Tim joined the NHS in 2012 after serving as the British government’s first Executive Director of Transparency and Open Data.

Tim is a leading advocate of a popular knowledge revolution in our public services and, in 2000, was co-founder of Dr Foster, a company which pioneered publication of patient outcomes in healthcare.

He is an internationally regarded expert in thinking differently about how digital and social media can transform the customer experience in public services. In 2007, he launched NHS Choices, the national online health information service (www.nhs.uk) which now reports around 50 million users per month. In 2014 Tim was named one of the 500 most influential people in the UK by Sunday Times.

Before Dr Foster, Tim was a national newspaper journalist and a television reporter. He worked for the Independent and the Sunday Times, as well as Channel 4 and the BBC.

Tim has also worked for Telstra and for McKinsey & Co.

Tim is a visiting professor in the Institute for Global Health Innovation at Imperial College, London and co-author of Transparency and the Open Society (Policy Press and University of Chicago, June 2016).

Follow Tim on twitter @tkelsey1

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