Sudesh Girdhari

Southeast: Solution Strategist - Advanced Technology Solutions
ATS CenturyLink
Sudesh Girdhari

Sudesh Girdhari brings experience focused on creating compelling strategies for modern enterprise cloud customer challenges. Experience counts as do customer value driven solutions, Sudesh brought this focus to his prior work at Skytap, Redhat, Verizon, HP and many other consulting & sales engagements for fortune 100 companies. A strategy focused on solutioning complex deals and multi-national execution provided a foundation for his architecture work which is based on the principles of People, Process and technology. Having spent over 20 years in the solution strategy field in the Southeast, his network includes alums from UGA & GT. Please do join his network on Linkedin ( to see potential resources. When not at work Sudesh has a passion for the outdoors & RV camping and runs a small boutique rental operation to fund his passion. (

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