Stephen Ufford

Co-Founder & CEO
Stephen Ufford

Stephen Ufford launched his fourth startup, Trulioo, to help build a layer of trust and safety online, and with the mission to provide access to financial services to the billions of unbanked individuals around the globe. As a serial tech entrepreneur in the identity space, Stephen is well versed on the challenges and opportunities affiliated with identity verification, data privacy, risk and fraud prevention, and the ever-changing regulatory changes that impact emerging startups and global enterprises that have customers worldwide.

A leading RegTech company, Trulioo provides global identity and business verification online for over 4.5 billion people and 250 million companies in over 100 countries through a single solution and contract. Trulioo helps businesses and organizations meet regional and international AML/KYC compliance obligations with increased efficiencies and reduced costs for scalability.

As an industry thought leader, Stephen has presented and participated in many industry events around the world including Money 2020, Fintech 2.0 Summit, RegTech & Identity Summit, Japan Identity & Cloud Summit, KNOW ID, and the Privacy Identity Innovation Summit.

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