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Shana Ostrovitz

Shana Ostrovitz grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico loving school but never finding what truly inspired her in the regular classes. That all changed when she became involved in one of DECA Inc.’s high school programs, where she discovered her passion for business and marketing.

Shana went on to major in marketing at Northeastern University where she first met her now business partner, Patrick Stinus, explaining to the doubtful business major that “marketing is everything.” After college, she spent most of her career doing brand and product marketing for major consumer products companies including Baccus Global, GE and Proctor & Gamble.

Over time, Shana realized that her passion for helping others needed to be an essential part of her professional goals. She decided to work for the American Diabetes Association in Southern California where she helped to manage the marketing and special events.  Although she was very passionate about the ADA cause, creatively, something was still missing. When discussing the idea to start a company enabling independent service providers, Shana knew this was her opportunity to marry her two passions. She loves being an entrepreneur and creating a company that is designed to help others.

Now the co-founder and VP of Marketing for Rooster, Shana’s is a lifeline to providers and the voice of Rooster’s mission. She is also extremely engaged in her community, participating in the Junior League, Inner Circle Executive Club and 1 Million Cups organization.

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