Ruben Harris

Breaking Into Startups
Ruben Harris
Rubén Harris is a co-founder of the popular workforce development platform known as Breaking into Startups (BIS) that helps people get jobs in the tech industry.
Launched December 2016, BIS creates media that has attracted over 3 million people outside of tech by elevating the voices of over 100 “every day people” that got jobs in tech at every level.
These stories of people that broke into companies like Airbnb, Salesforce, and Snapchat have inspired over 10,000 others to join the BIS Community on Facebook and the BIS Podcast was named Top Podcast in 2017 by Entrepreneur Magazine.
The people that listen, read, or watch BIS content learn tech lingo and are also guided through chatbots to resources to get the skills or financial support they need to thrive in a tech driven world.
Although Rubén was born in California, he grew up in Atlanta, where his parents gave him the gifts of language and music.
Fluent in Spanish, Rubén grew to become a professional cellist performing in venues all over the world including Carnegie Hall.
Rubén graduated from Southern Adventist University with a double major in Business Administration and Music, taught himself financial modeling and became an investment banker for 3 years.
His tech career began when he bought a one-way ticket to San Francisco with no job and landed a position 3 weeks later.
A proven Sales leader at 3 different Andreessen Horowitz / Social Capital backed startups, Ruben is actively focused on leveraging BIS to bring the community together and collaboratively solve problems related to the future of work.
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