Paul Silitsky

Chief Chill Officer, Innergy Meditation
Paul Silitsky

Paul Silitsky, Founder & Chief Chill Officer Innergy Meditation in Miami Beach, the first of a 100 Meditation only Boutique studios in Urban areas globally. The studio was created to fill the need for a secular, come-as-you-are “woo-woo free” place to find guided meditation classes 7-days-a-week. 


Prior to creating Innergy Paul’s corporate career included roles as VP of Sales for ADP, Vice President of a startup publicly traded home health care company and most recently as the chairman and CEO of answerQUEST the largest technology sales talent acquisition Firm in Florida.


Paul grew up in New York City’s Lower East Side and earned a bachelor’s degree in Business and Accounting from Baruch College.



“Meditation not only has a life changing impact on the individual, it impacts everyone you come in contact with because ultimately we are all connected.”


When founder Paul Silitsky starting meditating, no one was more surprised than him that it was just what he needed in his busy, a-type, over stressed life.


“I was the stressed-out CEO. I had all the “things” but didn’t feel complete. Nothing physical in my life changed at first but it immediately changed how I viewed the people around me – and THAT changed everything.”

Now hooked, he realized there wasn’t a place for someone like him to comfortably and consistently meditate:

With the help and advisement of top meditation teachers and researchers, the first Innergy Meditation studio opened in Miami Beach in April 2017.

Today, Innergy has grown to over 200 members and is the Leading provider of Corporate Meditation and Mindfulness programs in the South East.

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