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Pato Fuks

Native from Buenos Aires, Patricio (Pato) Fuks joined WeWork as a CEO for Latin America in
December 2016, to help expand operations of the company in the region.

At 10 years old, Pato was already an entrepreneur who started a school journal that he sold to
his classmates. At the time he finished high school, he started studying Economy in college, and
working at his father’s hotel. With time, and the influence and support of his entrepreneur
friends, he decided to open his first personal project: Achievers Advertising.

At 22 years old, Pato earned his first client including: The Argentinian Mail, Comafi’s Bank, and
CTI Mobil, one of the biggest companies in Argentina. Despite the success of the agency, a
major economic crisis forced Fucks to close it, but as a great entrepreneur he didn’t take long to
think about the next challenge.

In 2002, along some partners, Fuks bought a hotel, restyled it and reopened it as Dazzler. After
three years, he bought two more hotels and he founded Fen Hotels. It was such a success that,
in 2011 his story took him to the cover of the Inc. Magazine the most important entrepreneur
magazine in the US.

Today, Pato is responsible for the growth of WeWork in Latin America, focusing on Mexico,
Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and very soon Chile. During his time as CEO, he has gone
above and beyond expectations. He broke the goal of signing 7 leases in two countries during
the first year, and accomplish a total of 32 leases across the region in four countries.

Thanks to Pato’s contributions and leadership, WeWork has now 20 buildings opened in Latin
America in 5 countries, and a community of more than 20,000 members, making us the fastest
growing region of the company worldwide.

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