Mark Popolano

SVP, CTO & Managing Director of Business Development, Claro Enterprise Solutions
Mark Popolano

Mark Popolano has been in the industry for over 25 plus years. He has held various C-suite executive positions, consultative partner roles, Sales, and Technical Leadership positions, and Business development roles that have traversed Government, Financial Services, Insurance, Telco, Media, CID Advisory Consulting, and the Service Industry.

He has published articles like “Demystifying the Cloud”, “Ghost in. the complexity” and others, spoken on panels and major events as well as I has interviewed by numerous publications. In the financial servcie markets. He is an advocate on the use of social media to state his opinions and suggests proactive alternatives to pressing issues in business, social and technological venues.

Throughout his career, he has worked in the C-suite and has transformed major organizations to take the digital journey where the cloud and digital transformation is a critical part. He collaboratively works with CEO’s, CMO’s CFO’s and their executive teams to train and Advise them in the development of global and divisional Business IT Digital strategies. These journeys have enabled these companies to develop mobile, IDT, Cognitive Analytics, Big data Analytics, born on the cloud and modify theior business models and capabilities on the path to digital and cognitive transformation.

He has a Master of Science from Columbia University NYC in technology management. His thesis focused on cloud and cognitive integration for the insurance industry. He loves to read, deep see fish and is an vocal advocate that promotes acceptane, diversity and equality for all members of community.



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