Mario Alejandro Estrada

Jalapa, Guatemala
Mario Alejandro Estrada

Despite his young age, Mayor Mario Alejandro Estrada has positioned himself as a true role model for aspiring politicians in Guatemala and has earned acknowledgment and recognition within the municipal conglomerate.

He began his formal political career in the year 2011, after being elected to Congress. From 2012 until 2015, he served as the Chief of Party for the political organization Unión del Cambio Nacional -UCN- (National Union of Change for its translation to English). In the year 2013 he held the Fifth Secretariat for the Executive Committee of the National Congress.

As a Member of Congress, he represented Guatemala for two consecutive years (2013-2014), in the Regional Forum for Young Parliamentarians from Latin America and the Caribbean, organized by the United Nations Development Programme – UNDP–, held in Brazil and Colombia.

During the 2015 General Elections, he was elected Mayor for the Municipality of Jalapa, located in
the Department of Jalapa, for the term 2016-2020.

Mayor Mario Alejandro Estrada has spent these past two years promoting and spearheading his Sustainable Municipal Development Priority Action Plan called Jalapa Verde. This innovative, inclusive and far-reaching plan seeks to change and improve the quality of life and welfare schemes for all citizens in the territory. It articulates, in an orderly manner, the most suitable and relevant actions that the municipal administration must follow to achieve continuous development.

It is based on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and Guatemala: K’atun 2032 National Development Plan, to address work areas such as Economic Development and Competitiveness, Gender Equality, Health and Well-being, Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education, Affordable and Clean Energy, Sustainable Communities, Green City, Environment Friendly Approach, Climate Action, Promotion of New Industry and Infrastructure, Sanitation, EGovernment, Encouraging Citizen Participation, and Transparency.

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