Karen Stendardi

Vice President Information Technology
FedEx Express
Karen Stendardi

Karen Stendardi is the Vice President of Information Technology for the FedEx Express Latin America and Caribbean Division headquartered in Miami. She is an expert in designing and supporting cost-effective global Information Technology infrastructure and applications. Her current responsibilities involve working in all facets of IT including application development, networks and technical support, in addition to, driving initiatives critical to the growth and expansion in the Latin America and Caribbean region.

Stendardi started her 30-year Information Technology career with FedEx Trade Networks in 1988, progressing through different roles such as data operator, programmer and Managing Director of IT, a position she held for nearly 10 years.

After many years of working at FedEx, she has amassed extensive experience in all areas of Information Technology. Karen attended the State University of New York, and has a strong background in service oriented IT marketing. In addition, she graduated FedEx EXCEL Drive class of 2015. Stendardi is a member of the CIO Executive Council and several local IT strategic alliance groups. Throughout her career, she has received numerous awards including the Purple Promise Award and twice, the prestigious FedEx Five Star Award. Her vision is to renew technology and innovations for LAC and always strive to maintain strong customer relations.

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