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Susan Amat

Dr. Susan Amat is the CEO and founder of Venture Hive, a software and training company that provides accountability and transparency tools and content to support innovation management and entrepreneurship programs. A serial entrepreneur, she built businesses in the entertainment industry for over a decade, including the first CD-Rom magazine and a national television show. After completing her MBA, Dr. Amat developed pediatric health monitoring products and earned a Ph.D. in Strategic Entrepreneurship (coursework in industrial engineering, business, and education). While teaching at the University of Miami, she founded The Launch Pad, which was considered the top model in entrepreneurship education. Her program and platform were replicated throughout the United States as Blackstone LaunchPads in universities including USC, UCLA, and Case Western Reserve University. Venture Hive has run internal and external innovation programs in Fortune 100 companies, accelerators, and universities with innovators and entrepreneurs from more than 60 different countries. Dr. Amat served as the founding Chair of the STEM Board for Miami-Dade County Public Schools and actively speaks about entrepreneurship education internationally. She has worked with the US State Department, the Kauffman Foundation, and the World Bank on program development, measurement, and evaluation. In 2012, Dr. Amat was honored as a Champion of Change at the White House. @SusanAmat

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