Dr. Henning Jensen Pennington

University of Costa Rica
Dr. Henning Jensen Pennington

Dr. Henning Jensen-Pennington studied Psychology and Philosophy in Costa Rica and
Germany; at the University of Freiburg, he obtained the academic degrees of Diplom-
Psychologe and PhD in Philosophy (Psychology). He has been director of the Institute of
Psychological Research, dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Director of the Doctorate in
Studies of Society and Culture and vice-rector for Research of the University of Costa Rica.
He has been a consultant of the Pan American Health Organization and president of the
College of Psychologists of Costa Rica. From 2014 to 2011, he chaired the Foundation of the
University of Costa Rica for Research. He has been the national contact point of the Seventh
Framework Program of the European Union for Costa Rica. He has published numerous
scientific articles in the areas of psychosomatic medicine, socioepidemiology, clinical
psychology, epistemology of psychoanalysis, critical theory of the subject, social psychology
of political processes and transcultural aspects of the early mother / infant relationship.
Among his publications is the compilation of essays by several authors entitled Walter
Benjamin. Crítica-Melancolía-Redención (Editorial of the University of Costa Rica, 2008). He
is rector of the University of Costa Rica for the periods 2012-2016 and 2016-2020. Also, he is
president of the Union of Latin American Universities (UDUAL) for the period 2016-2019.

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