Carolina Baigorri

Wary LLC/Smart Straws
Carolina  Baigorri

Carolina Baigorri is a young entrepreneur. At just 17 years of age, she co-founded Smart Straws, a date rape drug straw detector, as part of an entrepreneurship class in high school. She and her partners went on as High School students to win the Miami Herald Business Challenge. She started the company Wary LLC. She is proud to be developing this product which stands to help millions of individuals around the world detect potentially harmful drugs and act as a first defense to protect them from dangerous situations. Since founding the company, she has been featured in newspaper articles and T.V. and radio interviews in over 20 countries. She is currently enrolled in WIN Lab, a graduate program accelerator for women at Babson College, while finishing her senior year of high school. Carolina will be attending Tulane University in the fall and continuing her entrepreneurship career.

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