Antonio Mugica

CEO & Founder
SGO & Smartmatic
Antonio Mugica

Antonio is the CEO of the SGO Group, a family of ventures built on the extraordinary success of Smartmatic, the company that Antonio has led from a startup into the global company that now leads the election technology industry worldwide.

SGO is a private equity investor with large holdings in Smartmatic, Airlabs, Infuser, eVote and Folio. These five companies are all guided by a common philosophy and vision: to create technology-based solutions that have profound social impact.

Through strong focus on innovation, Antonio and Smartmatic have pioneered election modernization worldwide since 2000. Smartmatic has counted close to 4 billion votes by making voting easier, more inclusive and more secure, while helping election commissions around the world to conduct transparent and legitimate elections.

Airlabs offers solutions to protect people living in urban centers from breathing polluted air. Its atmospheric chemists and airflow engineers have created break-through technology to remove all urban pollutants.

Infuser creates technology to remove pollution from industrial sources by using novel cutting-edge chemical technology.

eVote is pushing the frontiers of traditional citizen participation. This web-based platform allows constituents and customers alike to provide feedback to their government agencies, associations and even private companies.

Folio aims to be the provider of digital identity to the world, having launched a transactional platform that allows to issue digital identity and verify identity online. The solution is enabled by an app in your mobile phone that acts as an id-wallet. Folio partners with governments and large businesses around the globe.

Committed to continuous innovation, Antonio holds 13 issued patents in the United States, with more under way.

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