Angel Petisco

Chief Information Officer & Director of IT, Miami-Dade County
Angel Petisco

Angel Petisco serves as Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Director of the Information Technology Department of Miami-Dade County, a diversified software application, data security and processing, and communications organization serving one of the largest metropolitan county governments in the nation.

He began his technology career in 1976 with Southeast banking and concluded his tenure as an operations manager overseeing the data center operations.  With a keen interest in what he had learned and a desire to serve his community, Angel joined the Miami-Dade County family in 1979. Over the course of his 35 plus years with the County, he has had a growing number of diverse and increased levels of responsibilities spanning virtually all aspects of information technology. Today, Angel remains steadfast to further implement innovation in government that improves overall services, reduces operational and capital costs while increasing service delivery to residents and visitors alike.

As he consistently leads in the digital transformation of government, Angel Petisco has paved a deep-rooted path that has changed the face of County government. His consistent message to the County innovation team is that “the art of the possible is never more evident than when technology, business needs and ideas are joined to create a new reality.” From the creation of what is known today as MetroNet, the county’s enterprise network, to implementing AI and IOT, to spearheading the pilot of numerous new technologies throughout the years, the County’s CIO sees no end in sight to what his IT organization can achieve. 

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