Andres Rodriguez

Andres Rodriguez

Andres is a serial entrepreneur with a background in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. His first
company was a CRM for real estate developers in Colombia. He then went on to do graduate work (Research
MSc) in Computer Science/Machine Learning at Stanford. He worked at SRI (Stanford Research Institute) in
projects such as Genoa (structured argumentation), EELD (evidence discovery) and CALO (which developed
the technology for what we know as Apple’s Siri). After SRI Andres co-founded JumpTime, a real time
digital asset valuation engine, which OpenX (leading ad RTB platform) bought in 2013. Andres also cofounded
BlueMessaging, a company devoted to solve the communication problems between companies and
consumers, with the help of AI/NLP techniques. Most recently Andres co-founded, which provides
an AI-based virtual-assistant/chatbot to healthcare providers to automate all communications between a
health practice and their patients (such as scheduling and insurance validation).

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