José Ramón Valente

Minister of Economy, Development & Tourism, Chile
José Ramón Valente

José Ramon Valente took office on March 11th, 2018 as Minister of Economy, Development and Tourism.

During the last two decades he has been a permanent and active actor on public policies, macroeconomic issues and financial markets in Chile. Among others, he participated in the design and application of the multiple fund scheme that is used today by Pension Fund Managers in Chile.

He has been boardmember at several Chilean and foreign companies and was an active member of the board of Alter Ego Foundation,Universidad Del Desarrollo and SEP (government companies system). He was a columnist for La Tercera newspaper, El Libero online newspaper and radio panelist on Radio Duna.

In the last presidential election he led the team that developed contents for the government program of the center right coalition. José Ramon Valente has an MBA from University of Chicago (1988) and graduated from his bachelor degree in economics in Universidad de Chile (1985).

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