Scott Kelly

COO & Chief Transformation Officer, Hitachi Vantara

Scott Kelly oversees the global daily operation of Hitachi Vantara. Kelly’s responsibility is to keep the company’s strategy aligned to its goals and vision, and to ensure ongoing loyalty to its customers. He also leads the company’s enterprise-wide initiatives to drive its global growth strategy.

Earlier, as chief human resources officer, Kelly was responsible for all aspects of human resources at Hitachi Vantara, including HR information systems, workforce planning and staffing, total compensation, performance management, management development, leadership succession planning, diversity and advocacy, HR legal compliance, organization development and management support consulting. Before this role, he had a number of assignments with Hitachi Data Systems, which integrated with several other Hitachi companies to form Hitachi Vantara. Immediately prior, Kelly was senior vice president of client-facing operations, and before that, global head of talent management.

He has also supported EMEA and APAC regions. Kelly has worked for Nestlé, Scottish Power, Motorola and Dun & Bradstreet. He has been involved in change processes and in business partnering in the international environment for most of his career. As a result, he is very familiar with what is needed to make business relationships successful, including the challenges of working in a global model.

Kelly has degrees in human resource management and biology and biotechnology, and attended executive education with Tuck School of Business and IMD. Kelly is a native of Scotland and is a keen sports follower.

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