The eMerge Global Startup Accelerator + Showcase is a remarkable opportunity to take your company to the next level. eMerge provides a unique advantage that’s proven to help your company achieve their goals.

  • eMerge Global Startup Accelerator + Showcase

    eMerge is dedicated to connecting diverse and innovative companies with mentors, investors and corporate enterprises in the South Florida community. The eMerge Global Startup Accelerator + Showcase features 100 diverse and innovative companies invited to experience year-round programming and culminating in a pitch competition at the eMerge Americas conference. 

    We help startups overcome challenges, identify and accomplish their goals, and fundraise. More than 186 Startup Showcase alumni have gone on to raise $1.9B in funding since startup showcase inception!

We’re thrilled to offer startups the opportunity to debut and share their revolutionary ideas by providing access to resources, curated bootcamps, mentors, and networking opportunities with global enterprises and investors.

Selected finalists will receive:

  • Invitation to pitch at eMerge Americas on April 18+19, 2024 to win thousands in prizes
  • Inclusion in a 6-week curated virtual bootcamps
  • A tailored mentorship program
  • Networking opportunities with investors and global enterprises
  • Access to thriving alumni community to celebrate and grow with
  • University Track Criteria

    • Student(s) and/or recent graduates (up to 2 years)
    • From any college or university
    • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) produced
    • Little or no revenue
    • Less than 1 year since founded
  • Early Stage Track Criteria

    • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) produced & Proof of Concept established
    • Key members in place (Minimum of 2 full-time employees)
    • Paying customers (not cash-flow positive)
    • Less than 3 years since founded
    • No more than $500K raised in angel or seed capital
  • Later Stage Track Criteria

    • Commercially ready product
    • Company generating consistent revenue (cash flow positive or near positive)
    • Management team in place
    • In growth phase
    • No more than $5M raised in total capital

General Eligibility

  • Companies which provide products and/or services that are:
    • Innovative
    • Software
    • Hardware
    • Mobile
    • Web-based
  • In the following sectors:
    • Health
    • Media & Entertainment
    • Finance
    • Education
    • eGOV/Smart Cities
    • Logistics
    • Hospitality/Travel
    • Cybersecurity
    • Big Data
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Blockchain
  • Preferred Industries:
    • Biotechnology
    • Clean
    • Technology
    • Computers and Peripherals
    • Education
    • FinTech
    • Gaming
    • Health tech
    • Internet / Web Services
    • Media and Entertainment
    • Mobile
    • Nanotechnology


Global Startup Showcase Grand Prize

The winning startup will have a chance to win over $500,000 in investments + prizes. 

Investments from:

  • Medina Ventures
  • Florida Funders
  • BIP Ventures

In addition, startups will be eligible to win more in-kind prizes that will be announced soon