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Thu Jan 01

  • 08:00am

    08:00am - 08:00pm  /  Thu Jan 01

    2020 Hackathon | Powered by Wyncode Academy

    Sponsored by Ford Motor Company, Ultimate Software, & GE

    Ocean Drive Ballroom

    The theme of the 2020 Hackathon is «Mobilizing Miami.»  Over 100 elite developers will be tasked to use mobility to create innovative solutions for social impact.  Teams will have 12 hours to build their project and present their demos to a panel of judges to compete for thousands in prizes. This Hackathon is supported by Ford Motor Company, Ultimate Software, and GE.

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Thu Jan 01

  • 09:00am

    09:00am - 05:00pm  /  Thu Jan 01

    Startup Bootcamp

    Presented by Google Cloud

    Ocean Drive Ballroom

    Over 100 innovative startups selected to participate in the eMerge Americas 2020 Startup Showcase Program will be hosted for a full day onsite bootcamp with corporate enterprises to take their business to the next level.  Startups will enjoy a curated agenda with special guest speakers, leading venture capitalists, and one-on-one breakout sessions with mentors.

    Presenting Sponsor: Google Cloud

    Sponsored by:  Microsoft, Babson College, EY, Kauffman Rossin, and Flitepath

  • 06:30pm

    06:30pm - 08:30pm  /  Thu Jan 01

    VIP Welcome Reception

    Exclusive for VIP Pass holders

    Nautilus Hotel

    VIP Pass holders will kick off their eMerge Americas experience with the ultimate networking event in Miami Beach, FL. Live music, food, cocktails, and more.

    VIP Pass required for entry.

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Thu Jan 01

  • 09:00am

    09:00am - 05:30pm  /  Thu Jan 01

    Expo Floor Opens

    Welcome to eMerge Americas 2020

    Miami Beach Convention Center

    Discover the latest technology from global corporate enterprises and innovative startups from around the world.

  • 09:30am

    09:30am - 09:45am  /  Thu Jan 01

    Welcome Remarks

    Main Stage

    Welcome Remarks by Manny Medina, Founder & Chairman of eMerge Americas.

  • 09:45am

    09:45am - 10:15am  /  Thu Jan 01

    The Future of Wellness in a Connected World

    Main Stage

    We’ll uncover the biggest health issues affecting people around the world today while exploring the innovative solutions that lie within. Learn how our habits truly affect the future of our health, genes, happiness and even longevity.

  • 10:15am

    10:15am - 10:45am  /  Thu Jan 01

    Miami's Newest Unicorn: The Story of Kaseya

    Main Stage

    In 2019 Kaseya received a $500 million investment valuing the company at $1.75B, making it Miami’s newest tech unicorn. In this fireside chat Fred Voccola, the CEO of Kaseya, shares the company’s progression, his view on the future of technology and his plans to expand the company in Miami.

  • 10:30am

    10:30am - 11:00am  /  Thu Jan 01

    AI and the Policy Landscape in the Americas

    LaunchPad Stage

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quickly moving into the Latin American and the Caribbean region. For the most part, however, policies that facilitate the safe and socially just integration of AI into various applications are lagging behind. This session will explore the cleavages created by the lack of AI-focused policies and identify possible policies that could usher in the safe application of AI innovations.

  • 10:45am

    10:45am - 11:15am  /  Thu Jan 01

    Cyxtera Technologies Cybersecurity Session

    Sponsored by Cyxtera Technologies

    Main Stage

  • 11:30am

    11:30am - 12:00pm  /  Thu Jan 01

    AI in the Enterprise: Think Big, Start Small, Scale Up, Skill Out

    Main Stage

    Many large firms are aggressively pursuing AI projects today, but the ones that succeed tend to be less ambitious “low hanging fruit.” How can firms maintain a focus on large-scale objectives while doing small-scale projects? How can they get beyond the multitude of pilots and proof-of-concepts to production deployments? Finally, what are the implications of enterprise AI approaches for startups and vendors? Tom Davenport will describe this balancing act, drawing from his MIT Press book, The AI Advantage.

  • 11:40am

    11:40am - 12:10pm  /  Thu Jan 01

    ASELA Bridges Venture Capital Opportunities Between Latam and US

    LaunchPad Stage

    ASELA opens doors for cross-border entrepreneurship and removes barriers to facilitate startup scaling and funding across the Americas. This panel of VCs will share their insights on the latest investments trends in Latin America and the U.S.

  • 12:00pm

    12:00pm - 12:30pm  /  Thu Jan 01

    The 5G Revolution

    Main Stage

    One of the largest shifts in technology is due to come with the adoption and proliferation of 5G mobile connectivity. The 5G standard promises more bandwidth, lower latency, and faster speeds, impacting both consumers and businesses alike. This panel of experts will share some of the biggest takeaways of what the coming changes to connectivity will mean for society.

  • 12:50pm

    12:50pm - 01:20pm  /  Thu Jan 01

    The Role of Analytics & Technology in Business


    Analytics & Technology is quickly becoming a source of competitive advantage in Business. The volume, velocity, variety and veracity of data, coupled with the power of computing and the development of technologies such as 5G, machine learning. Blockchain and quantum computing is promising to disrupt the business world. Changes are happening as we speak and new business models are being created and developed every day. Today’s panel will discuss how Analytics & Technology is impacting industries such as HealthCare, Marketing & Advertising, Financial Services, Logistics and Hospitality.

  • 12:50pm

    12:50pm - 01:20pm  /  Thu Jan 01

    Unleashing Entrepreneurial Opportunities for Students and Communities

    LaunchPad Stage

    At Miami Dade College, The Idea Center’s vision is to be a talent factory for cultivating entrepreneurial and innovation skills in students from diverse backgrounds to meet America’s most pressing economic and social challenges. Through the use of design thinking, business model canvas and lean startup methodologies, students and community members develop creative and problem-solving skills imperative to excel in the digital economy. This 30-minute session will feature Lightning Talks from three iC entrepreneurs, innovators and changemakers making a positive impact in their communities in South Florida.

  • 01:40pm

    01:40pm - 02:00pm  /  Thu Jan 01

    João Doria: Brazil on the Rise

    Main Stage

    São Paolo has become one of the best and largest digital ecosystems in Latin America. João Doria, Governor of São Paolo, will share details about the ongoing digital transformation and how this is impacting citizens as well as what it takes to transform a city into a Smart City.

  • 02:00pm

    02:00pm - 03:00pm  /  Thu Jan 01

    Cyber Resiliency: On The Front Lines of City Infrastructure

    eGOV 2020 Mayoral Roundtable

    Main Stage

    Cyber criminals are attacking and disrupting systems that governments all over the world rely on to operate the infrastructure of cities. It’s common to find that protecting digital infrastructure with modern solutions is deprioritized until there is an issue. Ransomware attacks are an imminent threat. We live in a world where anyone can grab a cyberweapon’s code and reuse it. So what’s the solution? During this roundtable discussion, mayors and business leaders come together to shine a light on what it takes to protect critical systems, how to improve cyber resiliency and how to proactively protect digital infrastructures.

  • 03:00pm

    03:00pm - 04:00pm  /  Thu Jan 01

    The Role of Universities in Developing Innovators and Entrepreneurs

    Main Stage

    This eGOV roundtable will discuss universities as a central component of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the Americas, their roles in generating entrepreneurs and creating the environment where innovation can be fostered. The panel will discuss best practices, challenges and the components needed to support the next generation of entrepreneurs in the Americas.

  • 03:00pm

    03:00pm - 03:30pm  /  Thu Jan 01

    Using AI to Scale

    LaunchPad Stage

    In this session, we will discuss the story of Gravyty, an AI-powered platform aimed at non-profits to improved their fundraising operations. Gravyty was founded in 2016 by Adam Martel and Rich Palmer from Babson College and recently raised over $20 million to power its growth into new markets and expand current operations. We will share best practices about how to leverage AI to scale your business and make a difference in the world at the same time.

  • 04:15pm

    04:15pm - 04:45pm  /  Thu Jan 01

    Ford: Paving the Way for Mobility & Social Impact

    Main Stage

    Learn how support for social entrepreneurship can make visionary inventors dreams a reality and explore the future of mobility. Join Argentinian inventor and social entrepreneur, Gino Tubaro, founder of Atomic Lab; Joe Avila, Ford Motor Company Fund; and Alex Buznego, Ford Autonomous Vehicles, to discover the importance of partnerships for social impact and mobility solutions.

  • 05:15pm

    05:15pm - 05:45pm  /  Thu Jan 01

    Winning Strategies from SoftBank's Top Portfolio Companies

    Main Stage

  • 06:30pm

    06:30pm - 09:00pm  /  Thu Jan 01

    eMerge Beach Bash

    We're taking over the beach for the ultimate Miami experience!

    Nautilus Hotel

    eMerge Americas doesn’t end with the last talk of the day!  Join us at the Nautilus Hotel as we take over the beach for the ultimate Miami experience with internationally-acclaimed DJ Irie.  Just show your eMerge Americas 2020 registration badge at the door.

  • No sessions found.

Thu Jan 01

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