Wayne Thompson

Wayne Thompson

Executive Vice President of Technology & Products, Hotwire

In his role as Hotwire’s Business Development and New Products Leader, Wayne Thompson is responsible for growing Hotwire’s footprint in core market areas, establishing and building relationships with key individuals, and overseeing the launch and development of new products which will enhance the overall customer experience.

Prior to joining Hotwire, Wayne worked for Altice USA as Vice President of Sales Strategy and Operations, where he was responsible for new fiber and cable builds, serviceability, sales engineering, sales operations, financial reporting and analysis, Sales commissions and quotas, business development Sales Training, Communications and overseeing the off-net fiber and broadband teams tasked with strategic business developments.

Earlier in his career at Altice USA, Wayne served as their VP of Telecom, Connectivity and Capacity Management, where he was responsible for operations, engineering, procurement, deployment, and maintenance of National Telephony Infrastructure, Voice Order Management, CLEC Management, Circuit and Capacity Management, and more. In this role, he also established a wireless strategy that included developing and deploying an MVNO, deploying a small cell network, and managed multiple networks and VoIP infrastructures.

A dedicated and hyper-engaged member of his community, Wayne founded and has acted as Executive Director of Strategic Opportunities Achieving Results (S.O.A.R.) since 2014, a nonprofit organization focus on mentor-ship, scholarship, and educational assistance.