Mathur Utsav

Utsav Mathur

Founder + CEO, GMetri

Utsav is a brilliant professional who has been able to successfully merge the worlds
of technology and design. His expertise in computational design has led him to an
award-winning career as an architect-technologist from IAAC Barcelona. He has also
made significant contributions to the field of concrete shell technology, for which he
holds several patents.

In addition to his achievements in design and architecture, Utsav has also been a
pioneer in the field of immersive software and hardware, and the metaverse since
the 2010s. His experience has allowed him to work with various organizations to
bring their vision for the three-dimensional internet to life. Through his work, Utsav
has been able to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of generative
design and technology, and his contributions have been invaluable to the industry as
a whole.

Utsav leveraged his unique background and founded GMetri, a platform that allows
anyone to create immersive experiences without any coding knowledge. Dubbed as
the Canva of the Metaverse, GMetri’s mission is to democratize the creation of
virtual and augmented reality experiences. Utsav’s vision for the platform has
shaped its success, and his expertise helped the team develop cutting-edge tools for
creating immersive experiences. Through his work on GMetri, Utsav has continued
to push the boundaries of what is possible in the metaverse.

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