Seth Van Essendelft

Seth Van Essendelft

Senior Vice President, Strategy, Corporate Development and Strategic Investments

As senior vice president, strategy, corporate development and strategic investments, Seth Van Essendelft is responsible for leading the enterprise’s strategic plan development with a focus on sustainability and growth, and overseeing market and competitive intelligence teams to provide key insights on national and regional competitors. He is also accountable for planning and directing all aspects of achieving GuideWell’s growth through strategic investments and business development initiatives, including acquisitions, joint ventures, business consulting and divestitures on behalf of GuideWell and its family of companies. Additionally, he leads all aspects of the transaction lifecycle including sourcing, execution of deals, and development of post-merger integration plans.

Van Essendelft holds a Bachelor of Science in management from the United States Coast Guard Academy and a Master of Business Administration with honors from The College of William and Mary.