Sarah Haynes

Sarah Haynes

Co-founder, Co-CEO and Chairwoman of Bolt Mobility

Dr. Sarah Haynes has worked in multiple sectors (international e-micro mobility/transportation tech startups, research, education, business development, venture capital, behavioral health, risk management). Leading company culture with diversity & inclusion coaching has been a priority to maximize human potential and organizational development.

A natural progression of roles, including Tenured Professor, Director, Chief of Staff, Founder, COO, CEO, and President have afforded her the opportunity to lead diverse international teams, guide investors/stakeholders from strategy to execution.

Sarah earned a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology (2000), Georgetown’s Professional Management Certificate Program (PMCP) and training from: UC Berkeley, NSU, Emory, University of NM, University of Maryland.

Sarah has served as a member of the full-time clinical research faculty at Georgetown School of Medicine, as a health educator and a team leader/project manager for NIH research grant to improve health outcomes for minority women in five leading hospitals in Washington, D.C.

She leads corporate social responsibility outreach with Unicef, United Way, RedCross, Coachart, Irie Foundation, Pishevar Family Foundation, HealthOS Network & YMCA of Silicon Valley.

As a youth growing up in one of the world’s oldest civilizations she learned to adapt to varied cultural norms; before immigrating to America, which presented new obstacles to navigate. As a student, she studied psychology (including racial identity research) while also serving as a student athletic trainer for Division 1 athletes. At age 29, she earned her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. At age 31, she completed her postdoctoral clinical training to improve health outcomes among African-American and Latina communities and then was invited to join the full-time clinical research faculty at Georgetown School of Medicine. At 35, she was a tenured professor.

On the heels of setting scholastic curves at leading academic institutions Georgetown and UC-Berkeley, Dr. Haynes was recruited to Silicon Valley to join a prominent Venture Capital firm. As Chief of Staff of a firm with $650M under management, she worked directly with founders in leading the investment committees of Uber, Airbnb, Cue, Curology, Doctors on Demand, Slack and Hyperloop One. And it was in San Francisco that Dr. Haynes began leading goal-setting/team-building retreats for individuals and groups seeking to maximize both professional and personal growth—and her methodology was met with resounding approval in the form of frequent repeat participants.

Dr. Haynes is a tech entrepreneur, a philanthropist, an educator/professor, an activist, a community builder, a volunteer and a mother. She combines all of these varied disciplines, mindsets and strategies to collaborate with her Community, toward maximizing happiness and balance.

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-bita-sarah-haynes-ph-d-580b73a

Instagram: https://instagram.com/drhaynescollective?r=nametag