Peter Smith

Cofounder & CEO of Blockchain.com

Peter is Chief Executive Officer and founder at Blockchain.com, the world’s leading crypto finance house, serving consumers, traders, and institutional customers since 2011. For the past decade, Peter has evolved from early Bitcoiner to developer to entrepreneur, working tirelessly to accelerate the adoption of crypto and build the crypto financial system for the internet. 

Under his leadership, Blockchain.com has become the leading provider of cryptocurrency products to retail customers and institutions. While Blockchain.com is well known for its popular crypto wallets — with over 79M wallets used by millions of people in over 200 countries — he’s quietly been building one of the largest institutional businesses in crypto. Today, the company has raised over $500M in venture capital and is valued at over $5 billion. 

Having grown up in rural America, Peter lived, studied, and worked in the US, Europe, MENA, East Africa, and Asia. He is a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, and frequently cited as an authority on cryptocurrencies and the potential impact they’ll have on people across the world.

 It’s no surprise he’s simultaneously one of the most well-known and most mysterious figures in crypto.