Nicole Farmer

Nicole Farmer

Partnerships Manager, Americas, Google for Startups

As Partnerships Manager for the Americas, Nicole looks after a portfolio of 25+ ecosystem partners, and works with them to bring the best of Google’s products, connections, and best practices to startup founders across the region. She has a passion for supporting underrepresented founders, and has spearheaded efforts to level the playing field for diverse founders with initiatives like the Black Founders Exchange, and by building out the team’s diversity partner portfolio. She’s established partnerships with top organizations, including Founder Gym, Backstage Capital, and Patriot Boot Camp, and worked with them to provide mentor programs connecting Google subject matter experts with founders to help them scale their companies.

Nicole knows the power that comes from connecting like-minded ecosystem builders to one another. Leveraging her experience in business development and community building, she has led initiatives to promote and foster more inclusive ecosystems and strengthen partners’ organizations by harnessing insights from thought leaders in their global portfolio, and bringing them together around common goals and challenges.

Nicole joined Google in 2011, working as an administrative business partner with Google Ventures. She is based in San Francisco, California.