Mo Hamzian



How do you define space as a place as a concept in a postmodern age?Ask Mo Hamzian, the visionary entrepreneur paving a more productivefuture, and he’ll tell you.In a digitized world, the spaces we occupy are no longer limited tophysical boundaries. Capitalizing on that notion, Mo founded VEL, apersonalized workspace for remote workers to be more productivequantitatively and qualitatively. This is a workforce that’s more remote,more global, and ironically, more in need of hyper-individualizedexperiences in order to unlock their optimal flow state.As an alternative to the status quo, VEL is in many ways best describedby what it isn’t. It’s not a coffee shop, nor is it a peer space. It doesn’treplace them either—it complementsthem. VEL is a workspace thatdesigns itself for a person’s particular needs through a combination ofcutting edge technology and sensory augmentation to get visitors toflow states faster.For Mo, this mission is personal. A child of war-torn Iran, when hearrived in the UK as a child with his family, he was an outsider with akeen critical perspective. Leaning into that quality as he grew intoadulthood, Mo began to focus on business and entrepreneurshipparticularly, and quickly recognized that there were inefficiencies in theway people worked.Now, he’s made it his mission to solve for those inefficiencies and createa more optimal world. After working out of coffee shops himself, Mo sawthe trajectory that business was rapidly going in—more remote, moredigital—and realized that coffee shops and other ultra-publicworkspaces could not support this direction. In catering to a generalpublic’s needs, they cannot cater to any one person’s particularproductivity needs.It’s Mo’s belief that instead of focusing on community-building as theprimary goal, productivity is better achieved by fostering betterconnection to the individual self which in turn facilitates community’snatural existence. When we connect with ourselves, we will betterconnect with others.Bigger than a business endeavor, Mo sees the work of VEL as a culturalquest to reshape the entire way we work. And by tapping into our finerhuman calibrations, he’ll do much more than that—he’ll change the waywe relate to ourselves and our world, one workplace at a time.

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