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Mike Sarasti

Director of Innovation and Technology, City of Miami

Mike Sarasti is the City of Miami’s Director of Innovation and Technology, a position charged with driving innovation, technology operations, process improvement, collaboration, and data-driven strategy across municipal government. Throughout his career serving Miami’s residents, Mr. Sarasti has been instrumental in the advancement of civic services, user-driven technology, and open data. He has more than a decade of government experience evaluating government processes, modernizing technology, analyzing performance metrics, and improving the usability of resident services. He has built valuable relationships across cities, foundations, non-profits, universities, and others throughout Miami’s civic tech community. Most recently at the City of Miami, he has led efforts to transform digital services, streamline IT operations, build process improvement capacity, and conceptualize smart city solutions throughout the City. On his personal time, he also writes, produces, and performs in the electro-experimental-rock duo Raker.