Michelle Abbs

Michelle Abbs

Founder and CEO of Web3 Equity

Michelle is a catalytic leader who collaborates with key brands and partners to dream up bold visions and ultimately, she makes them a reality. She was featured in Forbes as a Top Woman in NFT and named one of Top 16 Most Influential Women in NFTs for her accomplishments. She currently serves as the Vice President of Community & Education for top tier Web3 brand Metagood. The team that created the historic OnChainMonkey collection, the first-ever fully onchain NFT project.

She is the founder of Web3 Equity, an educational company to onboard and empower more women to engage in web3 as investors, collectors, creators and builders. The project is supported by Mayor Francis Suarez and the Venture Miami team.

Previously she launched Mana Tech brand for Miami real estate mogul and solidified the organization’s role at the forefront of the Miami Tech community through partnerships with the most respected tech leaders. Envisioned, organized and executed NFT BZL the premier NFT conference held during Miami Art Week attracting over 4,000 attendees. Ran an accelerator program for female founders with the #1 school in Entrepreneurial Education. Oversaw Teach for America Miami Dade County region with over 300 public school teachers under her leadership.