Matt Broffman headshot

Matt Broffman

Director of Innovation for the City of Orlando

As the Director of Innovation for the City of Orlando, Matt Broffman leads the Digital Platforms & Service Design team and is responsible for leading the city’s digital transformation and working with city staff to enhance the resident experience.

The Digital Platforms & Service Design Team manages all enterprise digital platforms and provides dedicated support to city staff serving as a consultant, advisor, designer and execution partner to help design and deliver best-in-class digital services and achieve city goals.

Matt also works with the tech ecosystem in Orlando to ensure entrepreneurs remain connected with the city and the city is setting policies that will help to grow the Orlando tech ecosystem.

Matt has helped the city transform the city’s website into an industry leading service focused website. The city is paving new ground by connecting resident experiences to trust in government. Matt shares the team’s work at conferences across the country including working with the White House to guide other cities on how to meet the data and analytics objectives of the Obama administration.

Matt’s previous experience is in digital transformation across various industries. Matt was a 2012 Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute Fellow where he focused on improving customer experience for local news consumption.