Marell Evans

Founder and Managing Director, Exceptional Capital

Marell Evans is the Founder and Managing Director of Exceptional Capital. He is an anomaly in venture with a potent combination of management skills, enterprise expertise, and analytic rigor.

Prior to launching Exceptional Capital, Marell worked at SoftBank, where he sourced investments and utilized his robust operating experience for the $100M Opportunity Fund, $100B Vision Fund and $8B Latin American Fund.

Prior to joining SoftBank, Marell worked at Okta pre-IPO on the Enterprise Sales team, where he contributed to closing business with DoorDash, Hotel Tonight, Slack, Pager Duty, MixPanel and many more hyper-growth companies in Silicon Valley.

A graduate of the University of Michigan and a former D1 athlete, Marell is also a current Kauffman Fellow. He has worked alongside venture leaders at Y-Combinator, the University of Michigan, MIT, Harvard, Stanford, and The Thiel Fellowship , finding success most recently with investments in Quicknode, ClassPass, SmileDirect Club, Vitable , Afriex, Rippling, Brex and more.

Exceptional Capital Snippet: Exceptional Capital is a $50MM Fund investing in the next generation of foundational B2B Enterprise Software in the US and up to 15% Globally.

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