Lina Bouayad headshot

Lina Bouayad

Assistant Professor, Business Department of Information Systems & Business Analytics, FIU

Lina Bouayad is an assistant professor at FIU Business’ Department of Information Systems and Business Analytics, and a research associate at the Rehabilitation Outcomes Research Service at James A. Haley Veterans Hospital.

Her research involves the use of innovative analytics methods to improve patient experience, increase provider productivity and reduce overall healthcare costs. These include the design and evaluation of a real-time clinical recommender system that provides recommendations for medications along with associated cost information, a solution to automate provider documentation, and an auditing algorithm to maximize deterrence from fraud, waste, and abuse, and a blockchain-based solution that would enable patients to share their validated comprehensive treatment records with peers.

Through collaboration with the Office of Veterans Affairs, Bouayad has been involved in several HSR&D and NIH studies totaling about $5 million in overall funding. These studies aim at leveraging healthcare data, natural language processing and machine learning, to improve Veterans’ care quality and experience.

While designing and applying analytics tools to improve the different facets of healthcare, Bouayad has accumulated a strong record of achievements in terms of research publications and partnerships that impact the fields of healthcare and information systems. She has publications at leading journals in the field including MIS Quarterly, Information Systems Research (ISR) and the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (JAMIA). She is very passionate about analytics and programming and enjoys passing along these skills to future generations of data scientists.