Kevin Cadette

Kevin Cadette

Executive Director of Black Angels Miami

Kevin Cadette is the founding Executive Director of Black Angels Miami. Changing the landscape of venture capital by fostering greater diversity and inclusion among early-stage investing. Exposing diverse investors to high-growth startups and increasing access to investment capital for entrepreneurs of color.

Kevin Cadette is a startup industry veteran and technology leader. A founder of multiple startups and former technology executive with multiple Fortune 50 companies, his experience spans a wide spectrum from bootstrapped start-ups to global corporations.

Kevin has participated in and led over a half-dozen startup organizations including execution of an IPO. His technology experience includes E-commerce, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, Privacy, Health Care, Computer Vision, Robotics, SaaS Development, Carbon Emission Management, Education, Private Equity, Incubators and Accelerators.

Kevin has been through 2 IPOs, once as Founder.  Kevin started his career with a technology startup in Boston that went public.  Since then he has always had a passion for compelling innovative businesses.

His education pedigree includes an MBA from The Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania along with Masters and Bachelors degrees in engineering from Cornell University.