Joe Curcio

Joe Curcio

Founding Partner + COO, Daxos Capital

As one of the founding partners of Daxos Capital, Joe Curcio has a diverse background as a serial entrepreneur. After graduating Manhattan College in 2007 with an electrical engineering degree, Joe went on to travel the world for the next 8 years playing online poker, mentoring and coaching students, as well as participating in major poker tournaments. It was during this time, when cryptocurrencies were still in their infancy, that Joe was introduced to them via a faster digital alternative for on/off ramp fiat transaction solutions. In 2011, Joe founded VCM Products, a US-based manufacturing company. VCM Products was featured on ABC’s TV show, Shark Tank, and made history – landing a deal with all 5 sharks. After exiting VCM in 2018, Joe became passionate about the crypto space and started Rekop Capital LLC. He began full time consulting for blockchain-based technology companies and service providers, as well as investing in cryptocurrencies and their underlying technologies, leveraging his operational skills and risk management abilities. Since then, Joe has been an advisor for many different teams and projects, including various DAO’s. He has a love for rare digital art collectibles via NFTs, and generally enjoys experimenting with emerging technology in the crypto space, web3, and beyond.

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